Learn About Our Las Vegas Dog Trainer

Professional, in-home dog training for all breeds of dogs!

Our Las Vegas dog trainer has years of successful dog training experience. After graduating from Canine Trade Group’s rigorous trainer course and practicum, our trainer has brought reward-based training techniques that have been used and proven successful for nearly three decades! Our trainer has also worked with some of the most severe cases, keeping dogs that were branded “hopeless”, in happy homes and out of shelters! Our trainer works in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Professional Dog Training in Las Vegas

Our trainer works with an office team, that will immediately guide you to find the appropriate training program that suits you and your dog’s needs. You can reach them at 800-649-7297, and after speaking with you, they will connect you with our trainer. Our trainer also works with a veterinarian team so that all clients receive the best and most updated information possible in both the training and veterinary world.

Sin City Dog Training’s programs are in-home so that you and your dog can begin comfortably and with success. Our basic obedience and behavioral modification training is applicable for any dogs over four months old, and for dogs that have problems with barking, chewing, nipping, potty issues, lack of commands and recall, and more. If you have a puppy four months or younger, they can enroll in our private puppy training program. Dogs that suffer from ANY aggression issues can enlist in our Las Vegas aggressive dog training program.

Our trainer covers all behavioral issues. If your dog has any of the following problems, contact us now!

  • Aggression (dog, human, food, child, territorial, fear, etc)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Poor manners
  • Excessive behaviors (digging, chewing, barking, etc)
  • Hyperactivity

Our Las Vegas dog trainer is ready to bring you the positive behavioral results you and your dog deserve! Call us to set up an in-home consultation!