Las Vegas Aggressive Dog Training Programs

No dog is beyond hope!

Aggression is one of the most serious and most frightening behavior problems a dog can have. For owners with aggressive dogs, many are often questioning how their dog has come to this state of anxiety and violence. For dogs with an unknown background, the questions pile up more and more.

Reason why dogs act aggressively

The truth is, there can be multiple reasons why your dog is exhibiting aggressive behaviors. Often times, fear and anxiety are the main sources of aggression. If a dog experienced severe trauma in the past, especially in their most critical development period, then this can be why the dog has aggressive tendencies. But aggression isn’t always because of abuse or neglect, fear and anxiety can develop other ways. In fact, aggression can come from some of the most privileged and luxurious homes, where the dog has no boundaries and see aggression as fair game. If your dog hasn’t be socialized or desensitized to other dogs (or any other triggers), then they might become very fear and aggressive when they see a dog for the first time. Aggressive behavior can also just be learned through rough play that was allowed to escalate into more problematic behavior.

Address the problem before it gets worse

Wherever your dog’s aggression is coming from, what’s important now is how to address and eliminate it now. This is where Sin City Dog Training comes in! Our Las Vegas dog trainer has had a history of success with aggression cases, even the ones that were bound for euthanasia or a ride back to the shelter. While aggressive dogs may seem like lost causes, our trainer begs to differ! With enough time and consistency, even an aggressive dog can overcome their problems and achieve behavioral success!

We train dogs that are suffering from all forms of aggression, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Dog
  • Human
  • Child/Baby
  • Cat
  • Food/resource guarding
  • Leash
  • Territorial
  • Fear
  • Sibling
  • And more!

All dogs can be helped

Many times we get calls from clients who were told that their aggressive dog is not going to change, and some even saying they were advised to give up or euthanize their dog. If you are like one of these clients, call us first before making any hasty decisions! We have rehabilitated some of the most severe aggression cases, even ones that other trainers refused to work with! We commit to our clients and their dogs, and we won’t give up no matter how tough. Change IS possible and we will work with you until we achieve that positive change for your dog!

Call to schedule a consultation

Our Las Vegas aggressive dog training program will, like all of our in-home training programs, begin with an in-home consultation. This lets our trainer observe and assess their dog, and gives our trainer the chance to create a customized training plan with the necessary safety precautions. Our trainer will also get to know you and your family and what it is you’re ultimately trying to accomplish from professional dog training. It is important to us that we take our client’s goals and the dog’s individual needs into consideration before moving forward with training.

Once training begins, we will work on setting your dog up to succeed, both with and without distractions, in-home and eventually in more public places, such as a park or at your vet’s office. Through gradual desensitization, building up reward-based situations, and appropriately guiding the dog and correcting the aggression, your dog will not only learn to calm down and behave, but they will WANT to do it on their own. We don’t instill harsh dominance training, as we want to make sure your dog does right because he/she desires it, not because of more fear or anxiety.

Don’t give up on your aggressive dog…he/she can learn to become a happy, safe and behaved pup! Let Sin City Dog Training help you get your aggressive dog straightened out, and shape them up so they can remain in your home forever! For the best Las Vegas aggressive dog training program, call 800-649-7297 to schedule an initial consultation, or e-mail us using our contact form.