Benefits of Customized Training

There are so many options for dog training. Dog owners are often overwhelmed by the variety of options, and it can be hard to sort out which ones are legit, put your dog first, and get the results that you want, all while being affordable and local.

puppy being trainedOne of the things that owners love about Sin City Dog Training is that it’s customized, which means something very different for you and your dog. Our flexible and customized programs set us apart, and here’s why it matters.

Once you meet up with a trainer, they’ll talk to you about your options going forward into the courses. With some training courses, you’ll drop your dog off at a facility several times a month and pick them up when their lesson is done. With this model, you work around the training hours –they don’t work around you, which means it may be harder to find times that work for you. If you have to sacrifice your schedule for an overpriced training that doesn’t accommodate you, is it worth the money when there are other options?

With our program, we come to your house on your time, because we want to include you in the training. We believe that if we customize training on your time, it’ll be better for you- that part’s obvious! But less obvious is the fact that we get better results when the dog is comfortable and in their own familiar space. This means that they’ll focus and repeat any problem behaviors, which means we can troubleshoot quickly and easily and get to the root of the issue.

But it’s not only the dog’s learning – we’re here to teach you, too. Our philosophy is that even if the dog is prepared well, it’s not of much use if the owner doesn’t know how to get those same results. So we loop you into the training and keep you appraised of the way your dog learns and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

All of these perks of customized training program. If you’re curious about how a customized program could benefit you and your dog, pick up the phone to talk to one of our professional trainers today at 800.649.7297.