In-home Training or Board and Train?

Here at Sin City Dog Training, we offer group classes and in-home dog training programs designed to tackle any behavioral issue your dog might be experiencing. Currently, we do not offer any board-and-train services for our clients. While some people are specifically seeking this training option, we believe that our in-home training programs can accommodate your dog’s needs, and actually increase your chances of success more than board-and-train.

For those unfamiliar, board-and-train is a training program where a dog is boarded at the trainer’s home or training facility. During this period (which ranges from 2-4 weeks, depending on the trainer), the dog is trained every day to meet the training goals set by the owner. Once the training period is over, the dog returns home and normally, the trainer will give the owner follow-up instructions to keep everything consistent while the dog transitions back to living at home. 

Sin City Dog Training Las Vegas finds the in-home training is the best approach. This sounds like a perfect package for many — dog gets trained and you get a well-behaved dog returned to you after their schooling. However, there are always some drawbacks, and what may be too good to be true…well, sometimes it is!

First off, while some folks might balk at the cost of in-home dog training, I guarantee you that any board-and-train is more expensive! It makes sense — the trainer must be compensated for the training time (again, this could be a month’s worth of dog training) and any training tools, for boarding and care for the dog, for food and any other general necessities, insurance, etc.

Another thing with board-and-train — and this our biggest concern about this setup — is the fact that the owner is NOT involved. For the dog owner with a busy schedule, this might seem like a dream, but it’s actually a pity that they can miss out on being part of and RESPONSIBLE FOR the dog’s success. With the owners being there at the get-go, the training has a better shot at remaining consistent. Sure, the owner might have follow-up instructions post-training, but it often can get lost in translation once the owner actually has to practice it for the first time at home. Imagine a dancer missing the first four classes of a dance series, and only attending the last two…it can be difficult or near impossible to fully learn the dance, without the extra catch-up time and additional resources (i.e.: do you want to pay the trainer more money for follow-up lessons or buy more training tools because you’re struggling?). Or think of your child taking a language that you are unfamiliar with, and they ask you for help with their homework and conversational exercises. It makes it difficult for you to reinforce the new knowledge, and sometimes this can cause a halt or step back into the learning process.

With in-home dog training, owners are included in the training from beginning to end. With our in-home dog training, we work with dogs but also work with the owners so that the success and results are long-lasting. We also work with the people so that the trust between dog and owner builds — the dog will trust their owner more if they know what they’re doing and are setting their dogs up for success. This can also build confidence in the owners themselves…we love seeing people finding their handling and communication skills once they begin the training with us! Our in-home dog training is lifetime training as well, meaning we work with owners until the results are there, and there are no additional fees tacked onto the bill. The last thing we want is for the owner to have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on multiple dog trainers because the training program they had before gave them time constraints or did not fully teach the owner how to train their dog.

Perhaps for some, board-and-train may be the best choice for them. We want whatever works for the dog and owner. Our in-home dog training will guarantee you and your success, and more importantly we will never leave you clueless or alone with your dog’s training. Owners will be competent and confident owners, and dogs will discover and bask in behavioral success!

For information on our in-home dog training programs, visit our website pages, and call us at 800.649.7297 to enroll!