Housebreaking – Is it REALLY that hard?

There is a prevailing idea that if a dog is not properly or effectively house trained as a puppy, they’re a lost cause. If they’ve been using newspaper or puppy pads or, God forbid, the rug for months or years that’s all they’ll use. Their scent is already there. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

If any of this were true, I’d be out of business.

Sin City Dog Training can help your dog learn to go to the bathroom outside, whether they’re a puppy or a senior. We can even teach your dog to use a certain part of your yard. Anything is possible when you have the tools to communicate with your pet.

dog training in las vegasWe will recommend giving any previous elimination station a good scrubbing, but even the most stubborn dog can be convinced to go where and even when you decide.

During your no-obligation in-home consultation, we’ll observe your dog’s behavior and listen—really listen—to your concerns. We’ll develop a plan specifically designed to work for your pet. We’re well-versed in a variety of reward based methods, and we know which methods will work best for each situation.

We’ve seen it all: A new puppy that gets so excited he jumps up and pees on every guest. A three-year-old dog that was adopted by a new family and constantly had accidents in the house because she was nervous. We’ve seen an eight-year-old terrier running around behind his much younger but much larger brother, peeing on his pee on the carpet just to make sure he knew who was boss.

And then we’ve seen dogs that are perfectly capable of going where they’re told within the house, but the owners downsized their home or got more pets, and what seemed like a great idea at the time became impractical. But how can they ask a dog who’s been peeing and pooping on puppy pads their whole life to change their entire routine and go outside?

We’ve also seen the opposite, where the owners are stuck in a high rise apartment and would prefer the dog to go on a puppy pad even though they’ve been going outdoors their whole life. But how can they get their dog to do it?

No matter your dog’s age, Sin City Dog Training can teach you exactly how to house train your dog to your exact specifications. Call us today for more information. 800-649-7297