In-Home Dog Training Guarantees Results

A common question we often receive: What kind of training do you offer?

A few common responses we often give:

  • “We offer balanced, reward-based dog training.”
  • “We offer commitment and results-based training.”
  • “We offer in-home training that keeps the family involved in the dog’s progress.”

Sin City Dog Training Las Vegas believes in-home training is the best form!Our training is balanced and reward-based, meaning we utilize all the quadrants of operant conditioning, and work toward setting the dog up for success through positive reinforcement methods. Our training is commitment and results-based, meaning we work with committed owners and work with them until we achieve positive results in their dog’s behavior and progress. Our training is in-home because it does keep the family involved and essentially will guarantee progress and success.

Sin City Dog Training offers in-home dog training because we have found it to be one of the most effective approaches to behavioral success. The main reason in-home dog training is so successful IS because we’re not only teaching dogs, but we’re also teaching their owners. Dogs who have educated and consistent owners are far more likely to succeed in training for the long-term, compared to owners who are sporadic or absent in their dog’s training. Also, we teach owners that training is a process and that they need to maintain their boundaries for their dog, even after the training session is over. After all, we don’t want the dog to only behave when we’re visiting for training…that’s maybe 5% of their regular life! The dogs should behave and follow through both in the session, and when it’s over, and in all types of situations and environments.

In-home dog training also sets dogs up for success at the get-go. We start at the home, which for the majority of dogs, the home is where they are most comfortable and familiar with (rather than a group setting at a daycare, or at a trainer’s farm/boarding facility). At the home, we and the owners can also control the level of distraction we want to create for the dog. In the beginning, I always advise little to no distractions, so the dog can better focus as they acclimate to the training structure. This will give them a shot at succeeding and feeling more encouraged in the early stages of training. We do eventually bring more distractions and triggers into the picture, but we lay a foundation down first, so the dog has something to stand on and feel more equipped to deal with the distractions more. It is very important to begin desensitizing the dog outside the home and with more stimuli, but to do it immediately might not be the best for the dog. At home, we can set it up to make the transition easier on the dog and owner.

With our balanced, reward-based, results-based, commitment-based, in-home dog training programs, you get to be part of your dog’s success and learn lifelong skills for all your furry family members. It eliminates your dog’s behavior issues, instilling confidence in them, and also confidence in you, as you become a skilled handler. If you’re a committed owner that wants to set your dog up for behavioral success, look into our in-home dog training. Any questions, feel free to contact us at 800-649-7297.