Training Your Dog Can Be Fun 

Dog training doesn’t have to be grueling or something negative for you and your dog. As a Las Vegas dog trainer, I want to make the training effective, but also something that give you and your dog something to look forward to! Training is a great way to build both you and your dog’s confidence, strengthen your relationship, and of course, eliminate any behavioral problems your dog is exhibiting.

Make training fun with Sin City Dog Training!When people hire a professional dog trainer, many of them think they’re hiring some strict Army general that’s going to whip their dog into shape. While the ultimate goal is to address your dog’s behavior problems, training doesn’t have to be harsh, scary, mean, or negative. It wouldn’t be surprising if your dog wasn’t a fan of the training initially, as the dramatic changes might confuse them. But if the owner is consistent and making it more about being positive and reward-based, then the dog will adjust and see the benefits of training.

Training not only takes care of behavior problems, but it is a great way to set your dog up for success in general. It can be both a physical and mental exercise, and for many dogs, having a job can be rewarding and exhilarating (especially if the owner is praising them as they go!)! It keeps dog more alert, sharp, and enhances their overall focus, which will allow them to overcome triggers or distractions.

For owners, training is exercise for you too, and gives you the role as teacher and leader for your dog. Through this, your dog will not only listen to you, but also learn to trust you. We believe the training should create trust, love and respect, not fear. Your dog will learn to behave not because he’s petrified of you, but because he wants to do the right thing himself.

If your dog has behavioral issues, training will help. But there are other great benefits that come with training. If you and your dog want to build your relationship and find common behavioral ground together, call us at 800-649-7297 and we’ll find the right training program for you and your dog!