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At Sin City Dog Training, we have handled issues on both ends of the behavior spectrum. As a dog owner, you are most likely not alone when it comes to struggling with your dog’s behavior problems. Our dog training programs are created and tailored to your goals and your dog’s needs, and we work with you until the job is complete and you are fully satisfied. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, we believe we can achieve behavioral change with any dog, no matter how small or big their problems may be!

We have an office team that is ready to talk to you and connect you with our trainer for the appropriate training program your dog needs. The office can be contacted via phone at 800-649-7297, or you can e-mail us with your questions and concerns using the contact form below:

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Office Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Training Hours:

Weekdays, Weeknights, and Weekends by appointment only.

Why work with us?

Our dog training is reward-based and is applicable to any behavior issue. Is your dog just terrible with their commands? Do they have some bad habits, such as chewing furniture, barking excessively, pulling on the leash, or whining for attention? Sin City Dog Training can help!

Do you have a puppy that just needs the basics with potty training, and are you a puppy owner that just want to cover all the fundamentals so your puppy matures into a well-behaved adult dog? Sin City Dog Training can set your puppy up on this path to success!

Is your dog suffering from more severe problems, such as leash reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety? Do people think your dog is the neighborhood terror, or have they told you your dog needs to be re-homed or euthanized because of their behavior? Sin City Dog Training can help and we can encourage you to call us before giving up on your dog! We won’t give up them or you if you enroll in our training programs!

Sin City offers in-home dog training programs that will create long-lasting results, and give you as the owner the skills and confidence to communicate and handle your dog properly! If your dog has some problematic behaviors, contact us and we’ll be there to help you to the very end! If you think your dog has some issues but you’re putting off on training, don’t! Don’t let any mild tics develop into uncontrollable problems! We’ll help you resolve any bad behavior and restore peace in your home!