Cribs & Canines: Dog Training for New Parents In Vegas!

Like being a dog owner, being a parent can be both joyful and stressful…especially for NEW parents! While preparing for a new baby, it is best to reduce as much stress as possible. At Sin City Dog Training, we have received many calls from dog owners who are also expecting parents…and they are deeply worried about how their dog and baby will be together.

Let us help with the transition

Babies bring changes into the household, and these changes will inevitably affect the dog as well. While dogs might warm up to a new baby, many parents don’t want to risk it — what if the dog sees a baby as a toy to pick up or play roughly with? Or what is the dog becomes anxious, or even aggressive, because the baby is getting all the attention and interrupting all the daily routines and scheduling? Will walks be unbearable, with the dog pulling both owner and stroller wildly down the street?

This is where our Cribs and Canines expecting parents training program can help you, your dog, and your new baby! Our Las Vegas dog trainer will work with you to reach all your training goals for your dog so that he/she can have a loving and safe relationship with your new baby. You as the owner will learn how to be a solid leader that sets your dog up for success, while also enforcing boundaries and the appropriate behaviors.

Through Cribs and Canines, your dog will learn how to behave around your new baby, with no jumping into the crib, onto you as you hold your baby, or into the stroller. Speaking of a stroller, your dog will also learn to heel and not demonstrate leash reactivity in general, but ESPECIALLY when you are taking them AND your baby for a walk. We will guide you to help your dog transition to these new changes, so they do not becomes nervous, anxious or aggressive toward your baby. We will expose your dog to real-life distractions and scenarios so your dog is well equipped to behave with your baby, even before your baby arrives!

If you are also a current parent that is concerned about their dog’s behavior toward their baby/child, we can help you also! For any inquiries on the Cribs and Canines training program, call us at 800-649-7297, or e-mail us on our contact page.