Looking for the best dog training in Las Vegas? Sin City Dog Training Las Vegas is here to meet all your training needs and goals, providing dog owners with reward-based dog training programs that is designed to bring LIFELONG results!

We are a full service dog training company serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas, offering group obedience classes and a variety of in-home dog training programs for mild and serious canine behavior problems.

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Behaviors we commonly work with:

  • Aggression (all forms dog and human)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Puppy Training
  • Crate Training
  • Housebreaking/Marking
  • Recall
  • Leash Walking
  • Excessive Behaviors
  • Basic Obedience and more!

We welcome dogs that just need the basics or need to sharpen some of their commands, manners, or recall. Dogs that also have issues like hyperactivity, destructive chewing, excessive behaviors, and more, can also enroll in one of our commitment-based in-home dog training programs.

In-home Training or Board and Train?

In-home Training or Board and Train? Here at Sin City Dog Training, we offer group classes and in-home dog training programs designed to tackle any behavioral issue your dog might be experiencing. Currently, we do not offer any board-and-train services for our...

How To Solve Territorial Aggression

How To Solve Territorial Aggression We know living with a dog who suffers from territorial aggression can be very stressful for the dog and the owner. Territorial aggression can be seen in many different forms. Some dogs may be territorial over their favorite toy...

In-Home Dog Training Guarantees Results

In-Home Dog Training Guarantees Results A common question we often receive: What kind of training do you offer? A few common responses we often give: “We offer balanced, reward-based dog training.” “We offer commitment and results-based training.” “We offer in-home...

In-home Training Programs for ALL breeds of dogs

If your dog has a poor habit or behaves inappropriately, we will address and eliminate all of the issues. We take on multiple canine behavioral issues and we will help your dog overcome any major problems while also addressing any potential underlying factors causing those major problems.

Severe behavior problems don’t intimidate us; our Las Vegas dog training company specializes in some of the toughest issues, such as separation anxiety, aggression (all types), leash reactivity, and more. We never give up on any case, including the dogs known as “too difficult” or as “lost causes”…every dog deserves a chance and we have proven that with our training, consistency, and commitment, that change IS truly possible!

Training Protocol that is proven to work for over TWO decades

Our dog trainer has brought behavioral balance and success to over hundreds of dogs in the Las Vegas area. Certified through Canine Trade Group, our trainer only practices the best and most effective training techniques that specifically sets your dog up for success, while also addressing your dog’s individual problems and your particular training goals. Before beginning any training, our trainer will meet you and your dog for an initial in-home consultation so that they may gather the necessary first-hand information to map out an appropriate training plan for your dog. This consultation is to allow everyone to assess one another, and if you as the owner wish to move forward in a different direction, you are not obligated to continue with us.

Get Started Today

Sin City Dog Training Las Vegas is ready to help and to change you and your dog’s world for the better! If you’ve been experiencing some concerning behavior from your dog and are looking for the best Las Vegas dog trainer, then give us a call at 800-649-7297, or send us an email. We will accept any dog from any background; breed, age, temperament and size will not disqualify your dog from us…we will work with ANY dog and with any owner that is committed to positive behavioral change!

Our Las Vegas dog trainer will work closely with you and your dog, and will be by your side until you are satisfied and we have achieved our goals together. With Sin City Dog Training, you CANNOT lose!