Sin City Dog Training Success Stories

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Thank you Sin City Dog Training, from both me AND Chloe! You helped Chloe not only beat her separation anxiety, but I was also able to teach her how to walk properly on the leash because of you! She is a much happier dog and I am a much happier dog parent!

Amir Rahman & Chloe

Sally bit my neighbor’s toddler, and I was so sure I would have to give her up. I was at a loss, but then I found Sin City Dog Training and found my miracle! Sally’s child aggression was something I thought would never go away…but I learned how to control and train her properly through Sin City! Though it’s been gradual, Sally has been desensitized enough where she can now calmly approach a child without incident. Sin City literally saved my dog…thank you!!!

Trevor Lehman & Sally

I called Sin City Dog Training because my dog Roman became destructive after our son was born. We knew we weren’t giving him the same attention as we did in the past, but we had no idea his anxiety would be this bad because of it! We wanted to help Roman with this, and also make sure he would not retaliate toward our son, so we signed up for the parents training program with Sin City. Roman is back on track, with no more anxious fits, and we are learning how to create a positive relationship between him and our son!

Gail & Bill Love

I learned how to potty train my puppy, Monty, while also addressing his early separation anxiety. I learned how to be consistent with my commands and rewards, and through that, Monty respects me and loves me even more. The training Sin City Dog Training gives is invaluable and they really show you how to make it a fun thing for your dog, rather than make it negative. Thanks for all your training advice!!!

Jill Chapman & Monty