Las Vegas In-home Dog Training Programs

In-home training starts you and your dog off in your most comfortable and familiar environment. Rather than creating more anxiety or chances for failure in strange settings (ie: a kennel, a busy park, etc), we begin so that we can control distractions and allow your dog to focus better and succeed more. However, our in-home training will step outside the home after a foundation is laid down for your dog. After some time, training can take place in more chaotic environments with more distractions, so that we can build your dog’s reliability even among distractions and overwhelming stimuli.

Why In-Home Training?

In-home training gives owners these same opportunities. This style of training allows owners to be part of the training and their dog’s success. Owners learn what they need to communicate with their dog, and to consistently continue the handling and training. Not only does this bring lifelong changes, but gives owners the confidence and abilities to be great leaders for their dogs.

In-home training is appropriate for all type of behavioral problems. If your dog is exhibiting the following issues, call us immediately!

  • Aggression: dog, human, sibling, fear, food, child, cat, territorial, leash, etc.
  • Anxiety: separation, fear, general timidness/nervous habits, etc.
  • Basic obedience: lack of commands, poor response and recall to commands, general bad manners, etc.
  • Excessive behaviors: digging, chewing, barking, whining, etc.
  • Housebreaking: for both puppies and adults
  • Hyperactivity: jumping, running, barking, nipping, etc.

We believe we are guides for both dogs AND owners. Training starts at YOUR end of the leash, and we are here to work with you and your dog until all training goals are accomplished. Training is a process and a lifestyle, and we will help you configure this training into your daily routines, without robbing you of your lifestyle. To begin any of our dog training programs, contact us to schedule an initial in-home consultation. Our trainer will meet you and your dog face-to-face and discuss your case in full detail so that the best training plan can be mapped out. After determine the problems and the causes for these problems, you have the opportunity to move forward, and if so, training will commence and you will be given all the right knowledge and tools needed to train your dog successfully.

Leadership, Structure, & Guidance

By the end of your training experience, you will be both a competent and confident leader for your dog. Your training goals with us will be met, and you will have a better idea on the same theories and techniques our esteemed trainer use every day. The skills you acquire through our training can last a lifetime and can be used with future furbabies!

If you live in the Las Vegas area and need private in-home dog training, call us at 800-649-7297, or write us using our contact form. We’re ready to answer your questions, address any concerns, and get you and your dog the help you need!