Las Vegas Puppy Training Program

Start your Puppy off Right!

We often get calls for new dog owners who just adopted a puppy (or puppies!) and are needing training guidance. Whether it’s for house breaking or rambunctious puppy energy, our Las Vegas dog trainer can address all your basic puppy needs and more!

New Puppy? No Problem!

Not only will we help you overcome the normal puppy problems, such as house training, puppy nipping, chewing, or barking, but we also want to make sure you and your puppy get started on the right foot/paw. Along with behavioral training, we want to solidify the growing bond between you and your puppy.

Our Las Vegas puppy training is always in-home. This makes it easier on your puppy, giving them a chance to concentrate better and feel more at ease. In-home puppy training will prepare them for distractions later on. Our trainer will show you as the owner how to set things up in-home so that your puppy can learn the appropriate behaviors, and this will also give you the control you need to strengthen you and your puppy’s relationship.

Puppy training with Sin City Dog Training will cover the following:

  • Potty training
  • Crate training (if desired)
  • Prevention of separation anxiety
  • Basic commands (Sit, Down, Heel, Stay, Place)
  • Playful nipping redirection
  • General manners (no jumping, excessive barking, etc)
  • Socialization and desensitization exercises
  • And more!

Any puppy that is four months or younger is eligible for our Las Vegas puppy training program. If your puppy is exhibiting more concerning behavior issues, we offer discounts toward our reward-based basic obedience, behavior modification, and aggressive training program.

Get Started on the Right Paw!

To some, puppy training may seem like something you can easily skip, but in reality, puppy training is a gift for your dog. Rather than letting behavioral problems form and escalate out of control, we can start early and nip these issues in the bud. Set your puppy up for a lifetime of success, enroll in our positive reinforcement puppy training program! Call 800-649-7297 to set an appointment for your first puppy training session, or e-mail us on our contact page!