Professional Las Vegas Dog Training Programs 

Change is Possible!

With Sin City Dog Training, we bring the training to you! We offer and believe that in-home training is the most effective form of training for dogs suffering from behavioral problems. In-home training keeps owners involved, can be customized to fit your life and goals, and it gives us the opportunity to control the amount of distractions we want to expose to your dog in different stages of the training course.

To sum it up, in-home dog training eliminates the possibility for failure, setting you up for success from beginning to the end!

No dog will be discriminated due to age, breed, size or behavior with our in-home training programs. Behavioral problems typically will stem from some imbalance or anxiety, and our trainer will fix both the root problem(s) and the symptoms! We will eliminate the issue, but also work toward bringing your dog happiness and peace of mind! We believe obedience and happiness should go hand-in-hand!

Why Sin City Dog Training?

Our methods have been proven successful in all canine behavior issues, both mild and severe. For young puppies, our in-home puppy training program will cover the basics in housebreaking, commands, crate training, leash behavior, separation anxiety prevention, house manners, and more. Dogs can overcome all behavior problems, including excessive barking, chewing, dominant marking, counter surfing, no recall, etc. We also offer an aggression rehabilitation program for dogs with any type of background.

Our training programs will teach your dog the necessary behaviors, while also guiding owners and giving them the necessary tools and knowledge to become confident leaders that can maintain their dog’s behavioral progress. This ensures LIFETIME success for both dog and owner. For each of our in-home training programs, our trainer will first meet you for an in-home behavioral consultation so that they can formulate the best training plan for your individual case.

Commitment-based Dog Training in Las Vegas

If you choose to sign up with Sin City Dog Training, then our trainer commits to you until success is achieved. When it comes to rates, our training is commitment-based which means we don’t charge per session or per hour, but rather we charge by the job. We ask for one flat fee, and until the job is done, we work with you till the end, with no strings attached or additional charges. This keeps our training both effective and affordable.

How to Get Started

To learn more about our in-home dog training programs, browse our training program pages, or call 800-649-7297.